As the directors of operations, John and Dana are hands-on decision-makers overseeing all aspects of the logging and lumber procedures. From planning sustainable harvesting processes and following this chain of command all the way to the exchange of the final product to customers, 3 things are credited to the success of the company: a good supply of wood, loyal, dedicated workers, and a good customer base.

John, who strongly believes in proper forest management, has been able to revisit some of the same forests throughout his career in the industry.

John Shaw: President
Dana Shaw
: Vice President
Matthew Schooley: Accounts, Controller
Steve McDonald
: Sales
Christine Zadow: Logging Operations Manager
Kristin Shaw: Sales and Shipping
Diane Burger: Secretary

Mailing Address
31 Sharon St., Pembroke, ON    K8A 7J5
Phone: 613-732-9989

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