Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable Forest Lincensee (SFL)

Herb Shaw and Sons Limited is a shareholder in The Ottawa Valley Forest SFL and the Mazinaw-Lanark Forest SFL.

As shareholders in these managed forests, Herb Shaw and Sons Limited obtains harvesting rights and in return assumes responsibility for the maintenance of these Crown forests according to the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.  The Ottawa Valley Forest SFL “is committed to sustainable forest management and to ensuring the heritage and tradition of the Ottawa Vallet’s natural resources.”

“The main goal of OVF is to restore the majestic white and red pine forests that were once abundant in the area, whilealso increasing the representation of hemlock, yellow birch and red oak toward pre-settlement conditions.”

Canadian Lumbermen’s Association

Herb Shaw and Sons Limited is also a member of the Canadian Lumbermen’s Association.  This organization is accredited with the Candian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board and the American Lumber Standrds Committee.  In addition to certifying lumber graders, CLA provides supervisory services to its members allowing certified softwood lumber to be stamped as certified material.  Read more...