Products and Available Processing

Grading and Sorting
Lumber is sorted to size and grade, stickered and put out for drying
The yard has a capacity of 10 000 000 FBM for air drying and storage

Dry Kilns
100 000 FBM capacity
10 to 18 day drying cycles

Resaw Processes
Remanufacturing the lumber for planning purposes
Resawing up to 4 million board feet annually

2 state of the art planners
Dress 4 sides and all specialty patterns available

Shaving Bagger
Top quality sold mainly for poultry and horses
300,000 bales produced annually

Dry Storage
All lumber is stored in buildings or covered (capped) and held for shipping

A United States and Canadian Patent was awarded to Herb Shaw & Sons for a Side Loading Trailer Body for hauling lumber in 1989. The unique trailer allows for side loading and no tarping requires with fully enclosed boxes.
Shipping also by open trailers