Environmental Responsibility

As an innovator, Shaw Lumber has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the lumber manufacturing industry. We maintain our leadership role by manufacturing lumber and utility poles with timber procured from sustainably managed forests.

Herb Shaw and Sons Limited supports these practices through a long-standing commitment to minimizing the footprint of timber harvesting. We emphasize that harvesting in sustainable forestry is not deforestation. Rather, it supports ecosystems and maintains the health and diversity of forests, protecting future timber yields. As such, we are proud advocates of sustainable forestry as we employ the practices, apply the principles and demonstrate the benefits of this important forest management system.

Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA)

Founded in 1943, the OFIA is a trade organization providing a forum for its member companies to discuss issues of common interest and concern. Members of OFIA include many regional sawmills and logging companies, such as Shaw Lumber, as well as international companies like Norbord Inc. and Georgia-Pacific.

All members of the OFIA are stewards of Ontario’s forests. We are committed to the sustainable, responsible use of this renewable resource. Nearly 90% of Ontario’s forests are publicly owned Crown lands, with 44% considered world-class, sustainably managed forests. These forest management techniques are based in both Indigenous traditional knowledge and the most modern technologies such as LiDAR. Less than 0.5% is harvested annually using practices to improve forest health, and minimize wildfire risk, while mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Canadian Lumberman’s Association (CLA)

Founded in 1907, the CLA was created to promote and protect those involved in the lumbering industries. In 2009, it merged with the OFIA where it operates under the CLA Grading and Inspection umbrella. Here, the CLA operates a lumber quality control service. Equipped with Canadian, American and UK standard accreditation and certification privileges, the CLA authorizes softwood producing mills to grade-mark lumber.

Sustainable Forest Licensee (SFL)

Shaw Lumber is a shareholder with Sustainable Forest License holders Ottawa Valley Forest Inc. and Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Inc. We share the vision and mission of these companies as they sustainably manage Crown forests in their respective vicinities.

Ottawa Valley Forest Inc. (OVFI)

With over 20 years of operation, the OVFI is the SFL for the Ottawa Valley Forest portion of Crown land located in Renfrew County. This organization acknowledges the Valley’s forestry heritage and strives to protect the tradition through ecologically sustainable management.

Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Inc. (MLFI)

The most southerly Crown forest unit is managed sustainably by the MLFI. While there are 190,000 hectares of this productive land, less than 100,000 cubic meters are harvested annually. Shareholders of this organization include several, locally-owned, family-run lumbering businesses.