All of our wood products are sourced and sustainably harvested within a 160 km radius of Pembroke, Ontario. In continuing with our environmental responsibility, our lumber and utility pole manufacturing practices ensure each tree is used in its entirety. Mulch, wood chips and wood shavings are some of the bi-products created and sold in bulk within their respective markets.

Whether it is red or white pine—dressed or rough lumber—or even utility poles—it is processed in one of our two manufacturing sites.

Our Sawmill, located at 1447 Doran Road, Petawawa, produces over 14 million board feet of rough lumber annually.

Our Lumberyard, located with our Main Office at 31 Sharon Street, Pembroke, is where the finishing touches occur.

Grading takes place in our 22,000 square foot sorting shed. Our graders are certified by the Canadian Lumbermen’s Association ensuring our product meets consistent market standards.

Annually, 3 million board feet of lumber are air-dried while 5 million board feet are kiln-dried in one of two state-of-the-art kilns. Using one of 36 available patterns, product is then milled to create flooring, exterior siding, and interior paneling. Up to 9 million board feet are milled annually.

Utility Poles
Our Poleyard, located adjacent to our lumberyard, produces 45,000 utility poles ranging from 23-80 feet in length.

From 1927 to May 20, 1966 Herb Shaw and Sons peeled 1 million poles with over half (527,465) having been supplied to Bell Telephone Company and The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario.

Today, we continue the tradition of supplying our product to support Ontario’s infrastructure. We partner exclusively with Stella-Jones Inc., North America’s leading supplier of wood utility poles. Because of this important relationship, during the years 1998 to 2022, over 900,000 poles produced by Herb Shaw and Sons, have been dispatched across the continent.